A Beyond The Mind Mastermind for Revolutionary 

Women in Business 

Combining breathwork, intuitive business mentorship + energetic calibration


I'm ready to ELEVATE!

For Business Owners Bridging the Spiritual and the Material

Calling all visionaries, new paradigm leaders and lightworkers ready to show up fully to the work they're here to do in this lifetime.

You are remembering. Who you are, and why you are here.  Your business is a vessel to do the work you came here to do. You are here to show a new way. To heal. To guide. To teach. And your online presence is a way for you to do this. You are meant to be wildy abundant, to fulfull your desires while you fulfill your dharma. You are not new to inner work and are ready for the next level of impact, service and abundance. The Elevation Experience is here to support you in that. To provide a powerful transmission container for you to elevate to the next level


Are you ready to FULLY SHOW UP for yourself, your mission and your soul's highest evolution? Align with your highest probable timeline inside The Elevation Experience. 



What is The Elevation Experience?

The Elevation Experience is a Beyond the Mind Mastermind for the awakened woman in business. If you are a healer, lightworker, coach or creative that relies on intuition and energy and not just the intellect in your business, The Elevation Experience may be for you.

The unique approach inside The Elevation Experience includes:


Your breath is a powerful ally and is the bridge between your humanity and your divinity. Use your breath to re-wire the subconscious, alchemize energy, and get intimate with your soul.

Intuitive Business Mentorship

Access your intuition and inner wisdom when it comes to business. In facilitated group mentorship sessions tune into higher energies, and bring the most aligned version of your business to life.

Energetic Calibration

Leveraging breath, movement, nature, play and plant spirit medicine (Cacao) you will tap into you feminine essence to allow,  greater flow, expression and embodiment of your soul's mission.

Elevated Conversations

Each month we will bring to you guest speakers presenting topics that will expand your consciousness and elevate your state of being. Access a library of recordings as a member.

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Your Hosts for the Elevation Experience

Meghan Lee

Intuitive Business Mentor & Digital Marketing Strategist | Founder of SHEVOLVE

Meghan Lee is a digital strategist helping Conscious Global Brands and Spiritual Leaders create a powerful presence online using the latest marketing strategies while staying tapped in to intuition.

Meghan has been in the online business space for over a decade and has experience supporting clients with social media strategy, sales funnels, email marketing, search-engine optimization, branding and design.

Meghan fuses the feminine medicines of breathwork, nature, movement, dance, and plant spirit medicine (Cacao) into her client work and is truly passionate about supporting new paradigm business leaders move past traditional business frameworks to align with source energy and channel, create + build businesses that are soul-led and support the evolution of human consciousness.

FB@shevolve.online | IG@iam.meglee | [email protected]


Carmen Ganne

International Breathwork Facilitator & Human Connection Specialist | Founder of Soul Luxury Breathwork

Carmen Ganne is an internationally trained breathwork and human connection specialist and brings over 15 years of experience holding space for others to deeply transform and evolve. 


She holds a degree in social work and is a certified yoga teacher and advanced breathwork facilitator. As a conscious relationship expert, she works from a trauma-sensitive approach with a specialization in the science and spirit of connection. She guides revolutionary leaders to live fully embodied and move forward with empowered action for sustainable growth and change.


[email protected] | [email protected] | carmenganne.com

[email protected] 

What's included inside The Elevation Experience?



Monthly Soul Luxury Breath Portal

Hosted by Carmen Ganne of Soul Luxury Breathwork

A 90-Minute breath activation to clear, calibrate and drop deep into your inner wisdom. Close the gap between where you are now and where you desire to be. Experience the luxury of your soul.

First Wednesday of the month, starting at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST.

Monthly Intuitive Business Mentorship + Strategy

Hosted by Meghan Lee of SHEVOLVE

Group intuitive business mentorship sessions. Intuition & feminine energetic meets latest digital strategy. Bring your Cacao and questions!

Third Wednesday of the month, starting at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST.

Elevated Masterclass

New topics monthly, access all the replays!

Are you ready to elevate the conversations you're having? Featuring niche experts presenting cutting-edge new paradigm topics and experiences to the community. 


Third Wednesday of the month, times vary.


Are you ready to claim your humanity & divinity as you step fully into your role as a New Paradigm leader?


It's time to:

GET CLEAR in your energy, and in your vision
DESCEND INTO your body, root yourself on the earth and activate your inner wisdom and knowing.


RISE UP to your mission, your calling and your highest timeline


TAKE ALIGNED ACTION in your business from a place of unfuckwithable knowing


ELEVATE your vibration, redefine time and lean into Universal support in the Quantum realm
Let this be easy. Let this be joyful. Let this be the way.


I'm ready to ELEVATE!

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